We are two web developers located in Iceland and we run a little web development company called Bluthemes. We mainly create WordPress themes and HTML templates and sell them exclusivly on but we've also started selling themes right here on our own website.

Bluthemes staff Ívar Rafn Þórarinsson and Arnar Stefánsson

It started off in 2013 when we took the plunge, quit our jobs and started our own company. Initially we worked on websites for local companies but then we discovered that selling WordPress themes on Themeforest was actually a viable option for us to commit our full attention to and it's been going pretty good.

We managed to sell enough themes on ThemeForest to recieve an Elite Author badge within one year and now we've sold almost 6.000 themes in total.

The Office

The Bluthemes office is located on an abandoned American Naval Air base in Keflavik, Iceland. The office building itself was used by military commanders until the United States military units were withdrawn from Iceland in 2006.

Bluthemes Office Yep, there used to be a fighter jet outside our office.

After the military left the area a special government owned company was founded called Kadeco. The main goal and purpose of Kadeco is to lead the development and transformation of the former defense area, now known as Ásbrú, for civilian use. The building we are now located in is used as a company hotel with many small office spaces and shared areas.

The Company

If you're in the neighbourhood and would like a cup of coffee or want to challenge one of us in a game of pool then you're welcome to visit any time.

Full Stack ehf.
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