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New Theme: Litemag

New Theme: Litemag

arnarstef wrote this on Aug 22, 2014

A Simple and Beautiful Magazine Theme

The first year as a themeforest author

The first year as a themeforest author

ivarrafn wrote this on Jan 26, 2014

After one year on Themeforest we've come a long way, made Elite, learned a lot of lessons and best of all made $97,000 in total sales

Clearing Bootstrap 3 columns

Clearing Bootstrap 3 columns

ivarrafn wrote this on Nov 03, 2013

The grid system in Bootstrap 3 is great, you can easily create the layout that you want by using rows and columns and you can even control how you want...

Top 5 jQuery Colorpickers

arnarstef wrote this on Jul 31, 2013

Recently I was in dire need of a great color picker so I went and scouted the internet for the best ones.

How to add google fonts to a wordpress site

How to Enqueue Google Fonts in WordPress

ivarrafn wrote this on Jul 17, 2013

Custom fonts on the web are becoming ever more popular so in this post I'm gonna show you how to add Google fonts to your Wordpress website.