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ivarrafn wrote this on Feb 20, 2015

Need some Flat Design Imagery for your project?

We just create a new theme called Calypso, it’s design follows the guidelines of Material Design by Google and we needed some stock imagery for the demo posts.

We decided to create a set of images, flat design with bold colors, to really help this theme shine.

The result looks pretty good!

Material Design Theme

We decided to share these images with the world so if you can use theme in your project you can go ahead and grab them here below and use them free of charge. You can use them anyway you want but we would love it if you would mention us when you use them.

Grab the Images:

You can download a zip file that includes all the images or you can download individual images below.

flat design airplane
flat design balloon
flat design beer
flat design bicycle
flat design bullseye
flat design clock
flat design drinks
flat design lamp
flat design rocket
flat design mountains
flat design mountains dark
flat design town
flat design pig
flat design planets
flat design rocket night
flat design rocket night
flat design screen
flat design sheep
flat design space earth
flat design spaceship
flat design spaceship night
flat design tools
flat design traffic
flat design weights

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