Top 5 jQuery Colorpickers

arnarstef wrote this on Jul 31, 2013

Recently I was in dire need of a great color picker so I went and scouted the internet for the best ones.

I found a few and bookmarked them, these are colorpickers I tried out myself and the last one is the one I ended up with using, because it had everything I wanted and didn’t have the things I didn’t need.

#5 jPicker


I’ll just start with the more complicated ones and then move on down to the ones that have just enough ( for me ). jPicker has everything you would want from a color picker, except a decent alpha control sadly, it is very lightweight though and supports all browsers including IE5.5 ( I have absolutely no idea why you would want that kind of support but hey, it's there )

#4 Eyecon’s Color picker


I think this one is the most popular on the list, I have seen this guy on many occasions although it is not what I was looking for, it is still a very good and sturdy color picker, does almost everything you would expect from a color picker and it is skinnable so you can customize how it looks on your website with ease.

#3 Farbtastic Color Picker


These guys went all crazy with their design and had a little fun with it. It differs from other color pickers with a new design as you can see. It’s a fun approach and can be used if you want something different, although it did not suit my needs and style at the time, and there’s no alpha option which was a deal breaker for me.

#2 jsColor


Now here we are in the very basic design, it’s jsColor. There’s not much ‘oomph’ to this one but it provides almost everything you need and is very easy to implement to your website. I used it for a bit until I realized that this did not have the Alpha option either and therefore I needed to raise my head yet again and look elsewhere.

#1 Spectrum


Here we are. I found this bad boy when after hours ( not really ) of searching, it really means the catch-phrase “The No Hassle jQuery Colorpicker” he puts on his webpage as the hassle that comes with it is absolutely none ( in my experience ). There’s everything you would ever want from a color picker in here and everything you didn’t even know you wanted, this guy will spoil you. It is lightweight, it is customizable, it has alpha and I love it. I even uses cookies in your browser so it remembers your choices and displays them when you open it up again.

@bgrins is the author of this and deserves a praise.

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