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arnarstef wrote this on Aug 22, 2014

A Simple and Beautiful Magazine Theme

Well it's time! Time for a new theme finally, we've been extremely busy these past weeks and everything has been lagging behind and we haven't been able to focus on our theme building and supporting as much as we would've liked.

Check out LiteMag here

LiteMag is an interesting theme, we were browsing the available magazine themes and we decided that things have gone out of hand, it looks like the focus is (most of the time) putting as much content and as much rows/columns/shortcodes/widgets etc. in there as possible, we could've gone the same way, over-encumbering the theme with loads of content that most of the users won't touch. We decided that wouldn't be the bluthemes way and wanted to keep things simple. Simple as in, install the theme and be ready to go

And LiteMag was born. The little things got a lot of attention from us because we didn't waste time on heavier things, although we did add some really cool stuff in here to make it stand out a bit.

Smart AJAX

We are pretty happy with this one, our smart AJAX means that whenever a user clicks the "Load More" button on each post widget, we throw the information up in to the URL bar, that means that when a user finally clicks an article and then presses the back button, he is presented with the same page he was viewing before (elements already expanded).

The convenience is vital for your users to keep reading your website, and we tried to provide exactly that

Mega Menu

Our mega menu is also pretty cool, you can put a category in there and it'll fetch up to 5 categories and show them for easy access for your users, you can also put multiple categories (or tags) and it will fetch them and display articles from them on hover. Check it out on the theme demo

Of course we included our 15 widgets (including the Instagram & Flickr widgets) as well as a bunch our standard classic bluthemes shortcodes, LiteMag is of course responsive and efficient on all devices. The Theme Options are available as well of course with multiple customization, so you can feel right at home after you've customized it to your liking

Hope you guys like LiteMag, if you love it, check out the ThemeForest page to purchase it for only 58$

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