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Material Design WordPress Theme

Calypso is a Premium WordPress Magazine Theme that delivers stories in a beautiful way with Material Design and great character. Even the simple things have been carefully adjusted to make it consistent with itself and the Material Design rules.

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Deep-Blu Framework With the Deep-Blu framework the updates, presets & the demo data are just a click away. We wanted to make things as easy as possible when it comes to setting up your desired website.

One Click Demo Data Install

Calypso features an easy one click demo data install so you can get to work on customizing your website immediately. It also features a button to remove all the demo data created, without removing any of your own content! It's almost.. magic!

One Click Preset Install

In Calypso you can also press on the preset of your choice and it will instantly transform to the exact duplicate of one of the demos. If you love the look of something we've already customized for you, then it's all yours only a click away.

Responsive Google ADS Widget & Shortcode

Make sure your ads always look great, on any screen, in any device. Multiple widget areas available as well as a shortcode for you to place anywhere you want.

Adjustable Container/Sidebar widths

Does your client require a 300px sidebar for his ads? No problem, the sidebar will stick to 300px and the content will correct itself accordingly.

Minified CSS & Javascript

The Deep-Blu framework combines the theme's CSS & JS files to decrease the file size and speed up your website

Material Design Fonts

The Google trend, of course we bring you the latest in the design trends and offer you Material Fonts a la Google.

Multi-Site Support

Wait, you have a network of WordPress sites for some reason? Go ahead, enable the Theme Network wide and watch the beauty unfold on each site.

Special This theme has these special features, not all themes have these.

Sticky Menu

Do you like it when the menu follows you when you scroll down the page? Great, that functionality is available in Calypso

Header Types

Choose from different header styles with a click of a button in the Theme Options


Choose from multiple different column layouts for posts pages for an added effect.

Smart AJAX

We made AJAX smart, if a user views an article and presses the back button, he will be presented with the same page as he was viewing before!

Responsive Design All our themes have responsive layouts and look great on mobile devies, your readers/users probably all have mobile phones and we realize that much of the content is viewed in these devices so we provide the means to display them in a beautiful way.

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Standard The Standard features that ship with most of our themes.

Easily Customized

We've included a bunch of different settings for you to play with to make your site look exactly like you want. Everything from colors, fonts, icons and other features is all in the Theme Options/Customizer page.

Mobile Friendly

All our themes adjust to the device your website users are browsing on and Calypso is no exception! Your content always looks good in any device and is easily digestible.

SEO Optimized

The HTML is structured in a way which Google and other search engines like. Calypso includes meta data features and it also plays well with SEO plugins if you want to go the extra mile.

Post Formats

Multiple post formats are available for your pleasure: Video, Audio, Quote, Gallery, Status and Standard are all there.

Responsive Google Ads Widget

Make sure your ads always look great, on any screen, in any device. Multiple widget areas available.

Language Support

Calypso is translatable and optimized for other languages, so you can take it home!

600+ Fonts

You can easily change the font for titles, post content, menu links and much more via the theme options page. Over 600 Google fonts available at your disposal.


Make your content come alive with our shortcodes which you can add with a click of a button. Shortcodes include: Buttons, Alerts, Lables, Badges and more!

Child-Theme support

Need more customization? Want to extend our theme and create something even more magnificent? It's cool, we totally get it, so we included support for Child Themes.

Background Options

Easily configure the background on your page, you can upload a full width image, use patterns or a solid color. What ever floats your boat, as they say.


Choose between having a side bar on the right, left or none at all. This can also be configured on a per post basis.

Facebook Comments

The theme includes Facebook comments which you can turn on if you prefer that instead of the default WP comments

Disqus Comments Support

Calypso also has support for the official Disqus plugin, so it integrates well within the theme.

Google Analytics

You can insert your Google Analytics tracking code into the theme options to get insights on your visitors. Calypso will place it in the correct position.

Advertising Spots

Easily insert ads between posts on the front page or above the header or post content, all controlled within the Theme Options

Branding Options

You can upload your own logo and favicon from the theme options

Sharing Buttons

You have full control over what social media sharing buttons appear on your page.

Customer Support

We're here to help, if you get into any trouble, head on over to our support forum and submit a ticket!

Unlimited Colors

There are no limits to the color variations you can apply to Calypso, we try to keep as much customization as possible, so you can have it just the way you like it. If you can't find your color, you're probably a Mantis Shrimp or something.

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Widgets The following widgets ship with the theme.

Instagram Widget

Fetches image from your Instagram account automatically and displays them in an neat slider widget.


Same as the Instagram widget, all automatically straight from any Flickr account and displayed in a slider widget.

Google Ads

Simple widget that can be placed in any widget area to display your Google Ads which are responsive by default.

Mailchimp Newsletter

Allows people to signup to your email newsletter from Mailchimp. It couldn't be easier!

Authors Widget

Show who's writing on your site in a beautiful way with links to their latest posts.

And More Widgets!

Numerous other custom widgets ship with Calypso