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Unable to view Live Preview, PHP include errors

I just purchased this theme from ThemeForest, I installed both the theme and child theme and get this is both cases when I try to live preview either one.

All plugins were disabled and I have PHP 5.4.42 installed.

\nWarning<\/b>: include(\/home\/someuser\/\/wp-content\/themes\/calypso\/app\/template-parts\/.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in \/home\/someuser\/\/wp-content\/themes\/calypso\/app\/components\/template_page_builder\/functions.php<\/b> on line 278<\/b>
\nWarning<\/b>: include(): Failed opening '\/home\/someuser\/\/wp-content\/themes\/calypso\/app\/template-parts\/.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:\/usr\/local\/lib\/php:\/usr\/local\/php5\/lib\/pear') in \/home\/someuser\/\/wp-content\/themes\/calypso\/app\/components\/template_page_builder\/functions.php<\/b> on line 278<\/b>

Line 278 contains the following:

include BLU_APP_PATH.'template-parts/'.$args['view'].'.php';

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