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Some confusing issues

Hi, There are some things I find confusing.

  1. On "Submit a Post" page, when I choose an image and check the "Make Featured Image" it shows as a featured image on the home page, but after I open the full post the image is positioned below the text. Also the captions show on top of the images instead on the bottom.

On the other hand when I submit a post from the back end, the featured image goes where it is supposed to be - right before the body of the article. But it shows an extra copy of itself at the end of the post.

  1. When I submit a post from the front end, there is no option to choose any of the preset tags. In my opinion most users will find this inconvenient.

  2. When I make a change in a post and hit the button "Update", most of the time I receive the following message: Image Caption And most of the time I have to hit the button "Update" several times before it finally worked.

Any suggestions?

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