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Can´t move and edit the widgets anymore

I have a problem with the widgets. I wanted to include the Mailchimp widget and pasted the API into it. I tried to save it, but I got a colision with another plugin. I deactivated the other plugin, but now I cant do anything with the widgets. When I click on the little arrows at the widgets they do not open, if I try to drag and drop the widgets, it does´nt work too.

Also the options and help menus of Wordpress doesn´t work anymore in the widget menu. Everywhere else i.e. under menu or themes the menus at top "options" and "help" open perfectly.

If I change the theme to the Wordpress standard themes, the widget fields can be edited and are movable. The problem appears only in Keilir and only in the widgets menu.

Please help!

Thank you!

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