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Disable Built-in Lightbox

Hi. About a year ago I was having issues with the built in lightbox and asked if there was some way to disable it. You gave me instructions on how to manually edit a js file.


Since then I've updated Keiler to the latest version. I realized that the second light box was opening again and tried to remove the line from the js file that you mentioned previously, but it had no effect. I then tried removing the line from the php file, but that prevented any lightbox at all from opening.

So, like the guy who had this problem 6 months ago ( and asked 3 months ago when there would be an update ( to add an on/off toggle for the lightbox, which is something I asked about a year ago, I now have an issue where I either have two lightboxes, no lightbox, or the built in one that just isn't that great when compared to plugin options that are available.

Can we get a hard date on when this will be fixed? It's been a year since I mentioned it and 6 months since the other guy asked about it. I know that's not a ton of demand, but it's an issue that makes the theme unusable for its intended purpose.

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