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Problems creating Custom Post Types w/ Bluth Options

I'm hoping this is reasonably simple. I've added a Custom Post Type via the child theme functions.php. They are set up as Pages, but when I open them initially they don't include the Bluth "Page Options" box.

Next I accessed the meta-box.php file where I was able to register a new meta box by copying and altering the line for Pages. This made it so that the Page Options box showed up in my custom post type, but the options didn't seem to do anything. They would save, but not affect the rendered page itself.

If I can't use CPTs with the myriad of Bluth options my flexibility goes way down. I feel like I'm missing some crucial step, stupidly. :)

Also, I would just like to take a moment to say how much of a pleasure it's been to work with your theme. As a growing developer the clean code, careful notations, and detail-orientation has greatly aided my learning and development. Thanks in advance!

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