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Tabs Widget When Not Showing The Recent Posts

Hi, First off just wanted to thank you for a great looking theme. Really enjoying putting my site together with it.

My question has to do with the Bluth Tabs widget. I'm using it on several different pages without issue except on the homepage where I don't want to show the "Recent Posts" tab since the homepage is already showing the recent posts. The problem is that it seems like the widget is set to automatically show the recent posts tab first rather than just the first tab so that on my homepage the content of the widget shows blank until you click one of the other tabs (comments or tags) after which it works.

Any way to fix this so that the widget can show one of the other tabs initially on page load? Unfortunately, I'm setting up the site on my local computer first so can't share a link. If you need I can send screenshots though.

Thanks! Buck

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