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Questions on video gallery, featured image and widgets

Hi Bluth, few questions for you re: Opal Theme Video: Is there a youtube gallery widget? Are there any other bluth widgets I can look at that are not part of theme? Featured Images: - What is recommended size for page featured images? - Can I use the author widget to create multiple author widgets that I would use as company intros to sit on top of pages, is there a limit to the number of author widgets? OR -Is there a shortcode to get a square logo icon or the type of icon in the author widget to sit on the featured image? Social Media Icon: - Can I use the existing bluth social widget to put a widget on each page and link to different company social media accts? Is there a short code to put the buttons in the page? Related Posts: - Is it possible to customize the related posts? I want to control the related posts it shows, and text, image etc... Is it possible to make the related posts thumbnail a youtube video?

Thanks! Lindsay

ie this

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