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Issue with preview when using gallery


I have a problem with the preview (on gallery with Opal theme. I will try to be clear in my explanations.

When I create an article, if I put for example 10 photos with a gallery. The preview will not work when I open this article and click on a picture. This picture will be enlarged but it's impossible to change the pictures with keyboard (there is no arrows to go back or forward, no cross to exit fullscreen). The only way to exit is to go back through the browser button.

Then after much time, I finally discovered that the preview works only if I put another "normal picture" or if I use feature image on the article. In that case, when I enlarge a picture from my gallery, preview will work correctly (possible to change picture by keyboard or arrows, possible to exist fullscreen).

So, in conclusion, the preview doesn't work when I use only gallery on an (even I use several). It has to be with another "normal picture" or feature image.

Can you please check this issue and fix it for the next update? I spent much time to try to fix it... I even deleted all my website (wordpress, database, files) and installed again wordpress without any plugin and only 1 article for test but it's still doesn't work.

We prefered to pay for a template in order to make sure that is work but unfortunately, we are unlucky. We will go live soon so I hope you will fix this soon because we need it working.

To reproduce the issue, simply create an article with only few photos in a gallery, no other picture, no feature image and test to enlarge one picture of the gallery.

Thank you in advance, Sébastien Delmas.

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