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After adding Twitter widget all following widgets disappear, code unexpectedly ends


After uploading and activating the theme I entered my Twitter API info in the Theme Options, then went into Customize and added the Tweets widget. I entered my Twitter username and saved.

Once I refreshed the page the Tweets widget did not show and all other widgets below it also disappeared. Using the F12 tools in IE I can see the page code is now cut off at the Tweets widget DIV tag.

Image Caption

The 'Widgets' section is also now missing from the Customize menu.

Image Caption

If I remove the Tweets widget all the other widgets reappear and the code returns to normal. The widgets section in the Customize menu is still missing however.

I can repeat the issue by just adding the Tweets widget and entering my username again. Just having a username present in the Tweets widget seems to be breaking the rest of the page.

I have tried removing and reinstalling the theme from the zip but all my settings persisted. Not sure how to do a complete clean uninstall.

Thanks, Chris

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