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Move comment field to sensible position instead of AFTER widget area

Vivid is beautiful, except regarding comments. It just has awful placement, but be frank. It's all-but hidden to users, especially on mobile devices, and you can't activate any third-party commenting systems like Livefyre without it looking god-awful. Something has to be done there.

All of your most recent themes have this done correctly, by loading the comment field after the post content and author box. You can see it on all of your demos. - However, this simply does not occur on Vivid. It's almost like comments were forgotten about until the last minute, and then a small


div> was just sorta thrown in above the footer. On a mobile phone, this means EVERYTHING loads above the comments (except footer widgets). It's awful.

It has to be fixed, and I can't imagine it taking long to do so for the actual developer of this theme, especially since all of your other recent themes do it correctly. If you can't make that work sensibly, I'm gonna have to switch, and frankly I likely won't buy another product if that ends up being the case.

I'm hoping you can assist in this regard fairly quickly given this request. Make the comment field appear as is standard, after the content, and before the widgets. Having that ugly black area around it go away would be advised as well. If I have to pay a little extra to have this stuff done, so be it... but a lot extra, and I'll just flat out walk away and chalk it up to just being a bad purchase.

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