Loaded Turkey Panini


2slices thick, sturdy white or wheat bread
1tablespoon butter
a few slices turkey
a few sage leaves
3spoonfuls of cranberry sauce
1ounce goat cheese
2 sliced cooked bacon
1slice Muenster cheese


This cheese bomb I MEAN PANINI is actually perfect for Thanksgiving-time, because it can use leftover turkey and the Thanksgiving-y foods and pack it all between two bread slices with EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD. If someone could put stuffing on this and send me a picture of it, I would cry happy tears. You don’t even know.

1. Heat a skillet or panini press to medium high heat.

2. Place the bread on a plate. Layer the ingredients between the two pieces of bread: turkey, sage, cranberry sauce, goat cheese, bacon, and Muenster cheese. Spread each piece of bread with butter on the outside.

3. Transfer to the hot skillet or panini press and press together gently to help the whole thing stick together. When the outside is golden brown and the inside is melted and warm, remove from heat, slice, and serve.

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