Welcome to Bliss

Hi! Welcome to our theme “Bliss”. We worked our butts of making this Premium WordPress Template for you, we implemented everything we would like to have on our blog and added a couple of other things as well ( things our customers have asked for in the past ). Although we put Bliss in the Personal category it is capable of much more, me and my colleague, ͍var, are two working our business and although our company’s brand is important to us, we want to express ourselves personally to each and every one, so we made sure Bliss would appreciate the fact that sometimes there are more than one person writing for a blog as well.

So by all means check out our shortcodes and all of our other content, we hope you enjoy this theme and we look forward to hear your feedback!

Arnar Stefánsson

A hard working web developer with a passion for other stuff as well as developing, such as playing the guitar & gaming.


  1. bluth   •  

    What a wonderfully creative theme!

  2. bluth   •  

    I like the Flickr widget, its awesome!

  3. bluth   •  

    Yep these are dummy comments

    • bluth   •  

      …and this is a dummy reply

  4. Alex Cottenham   •  

    Oh really?

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