Welcome to Breeze!

Hey there! Welcome to our new theme, Breeze! We worked hard on this one, we compiled everything people loved about our previous themes and tried to implement it into this dashing new look, we’ve got some amazing features as well. There are 14 widgets that bundle with the theme, most of them are used for social activities. There are multiple levels of customization as well in our easy to navigate Theme Options, try some of them out here to the left in our customizer, or navigate to different blogs, posts and pages in the header menu

Something we are very excited about is the Image Tagging feature we implemented from one of our previous themes, it’s a really cool way for your users to comment on your featured images, extremely useful if you are for example showing off your photography or design, you can try them out right now by commenting on the gallery above.

Something we are very excited about is the Image Tagging feature

Speaking of the gallery, that right there is a Swiper Slider, which means that you can swipe with your mouse to the sides and it’ll change, and guess what. That also means that you can swipe with your finger in mobile devices, oh yes, we went there!

If you have any questions regarding the theme or have any cool ideas that we can implement in Breeze, then by all means head on over to our support forum and let us know! We’ll be updating Breeze with some cool features in the future, so stay tuned as well!

When you are 100% satisfied with our support and the theme itself, we would just love it if you could give us a good rating on ThemeForest to ensure we really work hard on giving you the best product we can possible muster up!

Images by bluthemes


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google


    • Ívar

      Nah, these rocks are better!

  1. Julian


    where did you get that picture (article banner) from? I totally love that one, it would be awesome if you could tell me the artist. :)

  2. Test

    I’m enjoying this theme. Nice work!

  3. Jasmin Shah

    How to comment on a particular image section ?

    • Just point and click on the featured image and then comment in the box that appears on the selected area, or right here where I’m writing :)

  4. oarru

    this is a test quote.

  5. toto

    this is awesome :)

  6. hello

    i Just wanted to test this

  7. Hainjeul

    I want to test something

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