Welcome to Vivid

Welcome to Vivid, our proudest possession to this date. Vivid is responsive and even though it is set in the Personal Category, that is far from being the limit of Vivids abilities. We built the theme with various layouts in mind and for all purposes, so even if you are looking for a business site, a page for you hobby or just a simple way to express your inner thoughts, then Vivid has everything for you. And if we don’t have it, we would love to know about it on our support forum!

The Customizer

We decided that it was time to revamp things and bring them over to the brand new WordPress functions. Instead of hovering over the Theme Options, saving things and checking if they look good, you can now use the native WordPress customizer, we’ve included dozens of options in the WP Customizer because we want you to be able to see what you are doing right in front of you. Just select the Colors tab and change the colors of the theme, and watch it change as you go, it’s that easy.

Image Tagging & Comments

Ofcourse we included the famous Image Tagging feature and we also revamped the comment system so the native system looks fantastic, specially if your users are commenting on your images.

“You can choose to completely ignore either one or use both”

The Menu

We are really proud of the menus that Vivid offers. There are two types, and neither is dependent on the other. Meaning you can choose to completely ignore either one or use both, the icons in the primary menu (top left) are easily managed within the native wordpress menu options.

The Widgets

All of our fantastic widgets are of course available in Vivid, the Instagram widget has been updated with a better caching system and overall quality and the flickr widget as well. We added a new widget called Social Counter, you can see that one on the right here. That guy right there counts all the likes/follows/people and followers from facebook, twitter, google+ and instagram. It’s a really neat widget and we are very proud of it.